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Warnings for GPS SmartSole®



Do Not Bend

Do Not Submerge

Do Not Puncture

Do Not Machine Wash or Dry Clean

Do Not Apply Excessive Weight

Do Not Impact When Outside of Footwear

Failure to observe these warnings may damage

your GPS SmartSole® and will void your warranty.

Certain foot-wear patterns may affect performance and longevity. Normal wear and tear is different for each wearer and is affected by many factors such as walking pattern, gait, activity level, proper fit and trim, type of footwear, and proper handling and care. GPS SmartSole® is made with the highest quality materials, but, like all footwear, eventually wears over time.

Charging Target.png

Getting Started & First Use

Charging Your GPS SmartSole®

1. Connect the USB cable into the USB wall adapter and into the USB port on the black charging pad. When properly plugged in to a power source, the charging pad’s LED status indicator light will display GREEN to indicate it is ready to charge.

2. Set the right GPS SmartSole® flat on the charging pad. Align the target symbol on the green (under) side of your GPS SmartSole® with the center of the charging pad.

3. Adjust your SmartSole until the charging pad LED light is SOLID BLUE. When charging has begun, the status indicator will stay SOLID BLUE for 30-seconds and then turn off. The charging pad will continue to charge the SmartSole while the LED is off. If the charging is interrupted at any point due to a change in alignment or due to foreign objects placed near the charger, the LED will turn back to GREEN.

Light Status Indication
Solid Blue, then turns off Currently Charging
Solid Green Ready to Begin Charging / Not Charging
Inverted Charging.png
charging dot.png

Charging Tips

1. If the status indicator flashes or shows GREEN, there is a problem with alignment. Realign the SmartSole until the LED is SOLID BLUE again. After about 30 seconds, the light will turn off. It will remain off during the rest of charging.

2. GPS SmartSole® needs 4 hours to fully charge. While there is no indication that charging is complete, you may continue to leave the SmartSole on the charging pad if desired, up to 12 hours. Do not charge GPS SmartSole® for more than 12 hours.

Battery Life

A full battery charge will power your GPS SmartSole® for 1-2 days, depending on usage. Therefore, we recommend charging your GPS SmartSole® daily. Long drives or short reporting intervals will consume battery more quickly. Note: Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually lose capacity.

Battery Status

Check the battery charge percent from the Monitoring Portal or Smart Locator app. From the Monitoring Portal, go to the SmartSole Map screen and click the “SmartSole Status” button. This is a great way to ensure proper charging. See page 7 for details.

Waking Up Your GPS SmartSole® Daily

For best results, we recommend waking up your GPS SmartSole® when first receiving it, after charging, or after several days of inactivity. When your GPS SmartSole® has been asleep or unused for a prolonged period of time, e.g. after charging overnight, it needs extra time to update a new location.

Wake Up Procedure

1.  Gently move the right SmartSole (about 5 seconds).                          2.  Place it next to an outside-facing window (about 5 minutes).

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until the Monitoring Portal displays a new location.

Retrieving the first GPS location may take a few seconds or up to 5 minutes. An obstructed view of the sky increases this time.

Note: Gentle, continuous movement is sufficient to wake up your SmartSole. Do not apply excessive force or impact during the Wake Up Procedure.

Before First Use – Testing for Satisfactory Coverage

GPS SmartSole® uses cellular service to send it’s GPS data. While most smartphones use 4G/LTE networks, GPS SmartSole® uses a smaller 2G module. The 2G module saves power & is small enough to fit in the insole, making this solution possible.

Because cellular signals may be affected by building structures, location and geography, and because 2G cellular coverage is not available everywhere, GPS SmartSole® may not work in your area. You must test your GPS SmartSole® for satisfactory cellular connectivity, before trimming or wearing it. As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Sale, once worn or trimmed, GPS SmartSole® is no longer eligible for return or refund.

Coverage Test Procedure

You may test your GPS SmartSole® either carried by hand, in a purse or bag, or in a car. Do not wear or trim your GPS SmartSole® for the connectivity test, as GPS SmartSole® is no longer eligible for return or refund once worn or trimmed.

Charge the right GPS SmartSole® and verify that it reports on the Portal.  Over the course of the next few days, carry the right sole through the primary areas where the wearer may travel.

  • Verify that location reports are received in a timely manner.
  • Verify the accuracy of the received location reports.

If you notice any delayed, missing or inaccurate location reports, or if the coverage or performance is not satisfactory in any way, please contact GPS SmartSole® Technical Support immediately for support and advice on next steps.

Technical Support will analyze device performance, run diagnostics, and advise on next steps, which may include returning or replacing the device.

Trimming Your GPS SmartSole®

Do not trim or wear your GPS SmartSole® until you have tested it for satisfactory coverage in your area.

To try out fit and comfort, you may trim the LEFT-SIDE insole. Once you trim or wear the RIGHT-SIDE INSOLE, which contains the GPS electronics, your GPS SmartSole® is no longer eligible for a return or refund.

If your footwear has removable insoles, take them out and place them on top of your SmartSole, aligning the heels. Lightly trace around the toes of the original insoles.

If your footwear does not have removable insoles, place your footwear on top of your SmartSole and align the heels. Lightly trace around the toes of your footwear. Carefully trim along the outside of the traced line.

Trim a small amount, test and repeat to find the right fit. DO NOT OVER TRIM, and make sure your SmartSole covers the full length of the shoe front to back and there is NO GAP or wiggle room in the toe or heel.  The SmartSole must fit flush and snug inside the shoe.

Do not trim the sides or anywhere below the line. You risk damaging your SmartSole and you will void its warranty.

SmartSole Size sm.png

GPS System Information

GPS Signal Requirement

GPS SmartSole®, like all GPS trackers, requires sufficient GPS signal for proper operation. Accurate GPS signal is only available outdoors with a clear view of the sky. When indoors, GPS devices cannot properly communicate with satellites to obtain location data. Depending on the material of the indoor structure or placement of the insole while indoors, GPS SmartSole® may report inaccurate locations or no locations at all. In some extreme circumstances, such as buildings with large glass panels, GPS signal may become so distorted that large errors in accuracy may be reported.

If your GPS SmartSole® is reporting inaccurate locations or no locations while indoors, it may be experiencing inaccurate GPS signal. GPS SmartSole® will regain accurate positioning once it is outdoors again.

GPS First Fix

The first location report that a GPS tracker obtains is referred to as the “first fix” and can take an extended period of time to obtain while the tracker searches for the positions of the GPS satellites. When outdoors, under clear view the sky, awake, GPS SmartSole® can take approximately 1 minute to obtain its first fix if not moving. The first fix takes longer when the GPS SmartSole® is moving (e.g. in a vehicle), sometimes up to 20 minutes. After the first fix has been obtained, GPS SmartSole® will be able to report subsequent locations within 1 or 2 seconds.

When not awake, charged or reporting for more than 12 hours, GPS SmartSole® will need to obtain a new first fix. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to verify a first fix each day before your GPS SmartSole® is worn or used. Obtaining a first fix is covered under the “Wake Up Procedure”.

Reporting Settings

GPS SmartSole® reports under a set of three settings, which can be based on time intervals or distance.

  1. Every 10-minutes.
  2. Every 5-minutes when moving; every hour stationary.
  3. Every 200-meters while moving; every hour stationary.

Contact GPS SmartSole® Technical Support to change the reporting setting for your GPS SmartSole®. When working with Technical Support, please make sure your GPS SmartSole® is charged and reporting.

Please note: Reporting settings and usage affect battery life and quantity of reported locations. 5-minute and 200-meter reporting settings are only available on Premium, Best Value, and Easy Start plans.

Log in to the

GTX Corp Monitoring Portal

You can view the location history of your GPS SmartSole® from any computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access. From any browser, visit and login.

For best results, update your web browser to the latest version available, and make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled. When trying to access the Monitoring Portal from an office or work computer, please contact your IT department for troubleshooting browser issues.


Login screen:      

GTX Corp Monitoring Portal Web Address
Account SmartSole
User ID Primary account email address
Password enter yours here, case sensitive

If you have not received your account login details, please contact your SmartSole provider for this information.

Figure 2.  Mapping    

Mapping and Tracking

Once logged in to the GTX Corp Monitoring Portal, SmartSole Map shows the location history and routes of your SmartSole. Navigate to SmartSole Map by selecting the “Mapping” tab followed by “SmartSole Map” from the dropdown menu.

If you choose “Family Map”, you will see the most recent locations of all SmartSole devices in your “family” or group.

mapping 2.jpg

Mapping Tab & SmartSole Map Screen

Routes and Pins

SmartSole Map displays the location and route of the GPS SmartSole® represented by a trail of pushpins. Addresses of the locations are listed below the map, by selecting ‘Show Location Details.’ Please note: Red lines connecting the pins do not represent actual routes traveled.

Pin Color Meaning Addresses are listed…
Green Pin   Location trail Mouse over In ‘Show Location Details’
Purple Pin Last Updated Location   Above map in ‘Last Location’

Location Details

Below the main Map, there is a link “Show Location Detail”. Clicking this link opens a location detail panel. In the panel, locations displayed in the map are listed in detailed format. Location Status message is displayed for each location.

Location Status Messages

Status Description
Initialized SmartSole has powered on.
Power Fail SmartSole has powered off.
Not Moving Standard Location, with very little if any movement speed.
Moving Standard Location, with slow moving speed (e.g. walking).
In Motion Standard Location. Faster movement (e.g. in a vehicle).
Start SmartSole has entered wake up state.
Stop SmartSole has entered sleep state.
Heartbeat SmartSole’s hourly report.
Low Battery Low battery alert – approx. 20% remaining.
Start Charging Start charging report (availability varies).
Stop Charging Stop charging report (availability varies).
Locate Now On-Demand location (availability varies).
Reboot SmartSole has restarted.
Arrive If the location enters a Geozone.
Depart If the location exits a Geozone.
Bad GPS Fix Location may not be accurate. This may occur if the location was obtained indoors or under inadequate sky conditions. Proper locations will resume under clear view of the sky.

Navigating the Sidebar

Select a Date Range

The date range on the top of the SmartSole Sidebar allows you to display events within a specific date and time range.

To change the beginning date or time, click on the ‘From’ calendar and choose your start date. Double-click on the timestamp, e.g. “00:00”, to enter a specific start time.

Follow the same steps to change the end date in the ‘To’ calendar.  Press ‘Update’ to display the events in your time range.

SmartSole Map Sidebar                 Battery Status

Click the ‘SmartSole Status’ button to see the most recent status of your GPS SmartSole®, including its most recent location and last known battery level.

Other Sidebar Features

The ‘TimeZone’ drop-down menu allows you to adjust the time zone of displayed events. 

You can measure the straight-line distance between any two points by dragging across the map from one point to another while holding down the [Control] button.

The sidebar also contains the entry point into the Geozone alerts feature, via the ‘Edit Geozone’ button.

Managing Geozone Alerts

A Geozone is a virtual perimeter for the GPS SmartSole®. When a SmartSole enters or leaves a Geozone, the Monitoring Portal will send a notification via email and/or SMS to the recipients you provide.

Note: GPS SmartSole® is configured to update its status on a timed interval. When passing in or out of a Geozone’s perimeter, your SmartSole will report this crossing event on its next scheduled update, which could be several minutes later.

Adding a Geozone

Click the ‘Edit Geozone’ button on the SmartSole Map sidebar. Name your Geozone in the ‘Zone Description’ box, e.g. ‘Home’. Use the ‘Find Address’ box to center your Geozone. Click ‘Save’ when done.


Managing a Geozone

Adding More Geozones

To add more Geozones, click ‘New’ once and the current Geozone will be duplicated as a new zone. The Zone Description will now contain “(New)”. Now you may edit and save this new Geozone.

Editing a Geozone

To edit a Geozone, select it from the drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar. You can now view, change the radius, or rename the Geozone. To delete it, click the ‘Delete’ button.                

Centering a Geozone Around an Address

In the ‘Find Address’ box above the map, type in the address, and click ‘Go’ (do not press the [Enter] key). The Geozone will now center around the address entered.

Resizing a Geozone

In the ‘Radius (meters)’ box, type in the desired size (in meters) of your Geozone. TIP: If your Geozone is set around an indoor location (e.g. a house or nursing home), it is recommended that the radius be set to at least 200 meters.

Important: A radius set below 200 meters may generate false alerts due to indoor GPS drift.

Managing Notification Recipients

Notifications can be sent via email and SMS. In the ‘E-Mail or Mobile Phone’ box of the Geozone sidebar, you may enter up to ten email addresses and/or phone numbers. Separate each entry with a single comma. For phone numbers, enter the numbers only, without any dashes or periods. For phone numbers outside of the USA, enter “+”, followed by the country code. For example: +441234567890 for a UK number (+44).

EXAMPLE NOTIFICATION RECIPIENTS:  E-Mail and/or Mobile Phone,2134893019,

Separate each entry with a single comma.

Preview and Save Your Geozone Settings

Use the ‘Preview’ and ‘Save’ buttons to preview and save your changes. Remember to always save your changes.

Generating Reports

The GTX Corp Monitoring Portal gives you the choice of generating different reports to fit your needs. Reports fall in three general sections: Detail Reports, Summary Reports, and Performance Reports.                             

Navigating the Reports Menu

Navigating to the Reports Menu

At the top of the screen, select the “Reports” tab and choose one of the three report types.

Detail Reports

Detail Reports list every location update and alert per specified date and time period. To generate a Detail Report, select a date range from the calendar on the left panel, pick a report format (HTML to view on the website, CSV to download), and click “Get Report”.              

event detail.jpg

Example of a Detail Report

Figure 8. Summary Reports      

Summary Reports

Summary Reports compile data for all the devices in your group/family. To generate a Summary Report, select a date range from the calendar, choose either the “Last Known Device Location Summary” or “All Received Event Counts”. Click “Get Report”.

All Received Event Counts

Shows the number of updates and alerts that occurred during a selected date range for each of your devices.                   

Example of a Count of All Received Events Report

Last Known Device Location Summary

Shows the most recent check-in date and location each of your SmartSole devices.

Example of a Last Known Device Location Summary Report  

Performance Reports

Performance Reports generate relevant driving information for your devices.

To generate a Performance Report, select a date range from the calendar, choose one of the five reports, and pick a report format (HTML to view in the website, CSV to export).  Click “Get Report” to generate your Performance Report.

There are five Performance Reports you can choose from:

1.   Speeds over 10mph (16kph)

2.   Speeds over 45mph (72kph)

3.   Speeds over 70mph (112.65kph)

4.   Driving Distance Summary:  Shows a mileage estimation

5.   Driving/Stopped Time Summary: Shows a summary of start/stop times

Example of a Speed Report                           

Example of a Driving Distance Summary Report

Contacting Support

Technical and Billing Support Contact (US & Canada)
Phone (949) 742-3417
Hours Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM US Pacific Time
Address 2 McLaren, Suite B, Irvine, CA 92618