“I am a police officer, these products are great. We now use a “LoJack” type system which means I hold an antenna out the window of my police car and drive around looking for the missing person…literally a “rabbit ear” out my window. We never find the person with this system. But we don’t have interaction with GTX Corp because the loved one is found in seconds and the police are never needed or called. If you need to where your loved one is at all times… There is no better product then this for the cost.”

Officer John D

“I absolutely love this SmartSole! C.H. has had Alzheimer’s for nine years now and I am determined to keep him at home for as long as I can. As for comfort, I didn’t ask C.H. and he has not complained of comfort. The insole fit perfectly, I did not have to do any trimming….lucky me! Also, some of the set up was difficult for me. Anyone else it may be a different story. ALSO the support team is there just an e-mail and telephone call away. Thank you so much for making my life easier!”

Kelli M

It’s much better that we can check on my dad’s location ourselves, even though he is never left unattended.  But when he did go an excursion in the past, the police turned it into a day long fiasco and were looking for the wrong person but we did finally find him. We never wanted that to happen again!

Dorthy B

“GPS SmartSole totally allows our residents to remain here in our Home without them having to be discharged to another facility. This is their Home now and it would be very sad if they had to leave because of their potential to wander. GPS SmartSole is truly a life saver for all of us!”

Mark S